Marist's Best is complete with Red's Best Fish Market

September 28, 2018

Nothing beats fresh, sustainable seafood and thanks to Red’s Best Fish Market in Boston, Massachusetts, Marist College now offers a variety of sustainable fish for special dishes and weekly dinners in the Murray Student Center Dining Hall. Red’s Best is known to offer the freshest fish and has a history of maritime collaboration up and down the east coast. 

Red’s Best was founded by Jared Auerbach at Boston’s historic fish pier. Auerbach, a young fishermen, saw the hardworking fishermen whose family businesses struggled with the introduction of industrial technology and government regulations. Red’s Best has since partnered with local fishermen along the east coast to support local fishermen and provide residents with the freshest selection possible. According to the Red’s Best website, “We aggregate catches, networking small boats to form a large market presence, leveling the global playing field. Red’s Best connects you to your fishermen and tells the story of every catch.” 

Red’s Best is focused on providing their consumers with the story behind their food to personalize that experience and give their fishment the recognition they deserve. This goal very much aligns with the aspirations of Marist Dining Services for fresh, local and sustainable ingredients. When Red’s Best comes to Marist, the storytelling of local fishermen will arrive as well. When rotisserie salmon is served on Fridays in the Murray Student Center Dining Hall, students will be able to scan a QR code to trace the exact fisherman’s boat that caught their dinner that day.

Additionally, due to Red’s Best’s traceability initiatives, they’re able to track the exact paths their seafood takes from ocean to plate, and this innovative technology allows them to find the quickest route. The fewer miles traveled by the food, the lesser the the environmental impact, as there are fewer carbon dioxide emissions due to transportation. They also track to ensure that the food is being sustainably packaged, labeled, and shipped. Red’s Best implements sustainable practices for every step in the process, attempting to bring fresh seafood to people along the east coast without detriment to the environment. It is this customization and attention to sustainable practices that sets Red’s Best apart, and makes it a perfect partner for Marist Dining Services. 

So drop your fishing rods and head to the dining hall, because Red’s Best seafood is a real catch!