New Simple Servings 8-Allergens Free Lunch & Dinner

August 27, 2018

Marist Dining is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Simple Servings 8-Food-Allergens-Free hot lunch and dinner station in the Dining Hall. All foods offered at the Simple Servings station are free of milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten. With Simple Servings, students can comply with food allergy or other dietary concerns without feeling singled out. They won’t have to go off campus for their meals or miss out on dining with their friends while waiting for the chef to specially prepare their meals. Straight forward preparation techniques assure transparency of ingredients, and help the student prepare to be responsible for their own shopping and cooking in future. 

The hot lunch and dinner menu change daily and include varied protein options: beef, pork, chicken and turkey. The menu will also offer allergen-free proteins such as grilled chicken and hamburgers daily. All side dishes are vegan, containing no milk, eggs, or meat products. The station is managed by trained Marist Dining Services employees. 

The weekly Dining Hall menu, including the Simple Servings 8-Food-Allergens-Free hot lunch and dinner, is available on the Marist Dining website and on the Bite App by Sodexo. This interactive menu allows you to see nutritional information for every item that is listed. Using the menu can help you determine what foods will accommodate your special diet needs for any meal period. 

For more information regarding Simple Servings and special needs diets, click here.