Beyond Excited for Beyond Burgers

September 28, 2018

I promised the introduction of more vegan choices as the year goes by, and I’m here to deliver on that promise! The Beyond Burger is making its return to Marist after a wildly successful run last year.
These plant-based burgers are critically acclaimed for looking, tasting, and satisfying like beef, as their slogan says. The burger boasts 20 gram of plant protein, no soy or gluten, and no GMOS, making it the perfect burger, just without any beef.
These are truly premium patties, and they’ve been sweeping the nation as part of the vegan trend. The Today Show named the Beyond Burger the best veggie burger on the market, saying, “Whether you’re a proud carnivore, devoted vegetarian, or newbie vegan on the verge of caving, you’ve gotta throw this bad boy on the grill. The Beyond Burger is beyond juicy, meaty and an almost-exact replica of a poultry patty.” They also mentioned that the Beyond Burger, despite sharing the taste of a regular burger, actually is far healthier, with over double the iron and half the saturated fat.
And lucky for us, these popular burgers are making their way back to Marist!
Kate Cole, the Marketing Director for Sodexo at Marist Dining, noted that students loved the Beyond Burger, and expressed her excitement for its return.
“We are so excited to re-introduce the Beyond Burger to the Main Dining Hall. When we first launched this plant-based burger last year it was a huge hit. The flavor is so similar to a real burger that students who sampled it didn’t even realize it wasn’t meat! It is packed with protein so naturally Marist athletes gravitated toward it. If there is a student that hasn’t tried it, vegan or non-vegan, they really should! They will be surprised!”
You’ll find the Beyond Burgers in the Dining Hall every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You’re only a swipe away from the vegan burger of your dreams!
Marketing Intern