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For a full list of Dining Plan options, visit the Plan Options page.

Dining Hall hours of operations and meal prices can be found on the Dining Hall page.

A dining plan can be modified or dropped by visiting the Housing & Residential Life page on and clicking My Meal Plan. Dining plan changes are made online and can take up to two business days to process. Any upper-class student (excludes sophomores living in campus apartments) electing to withdraw from a dining plan must do so by the close of business on the second Friday of each semester. Dining plans can be upgraded at any time during the semester. All dining plans are processed through the Office of Housing & Residential Life and questions should be directed to their office, by calling (845) 575-3307 or emailing the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

No, commuter students are not required to be enrolled in a dining plan. However, if the commuter student is interested in using Thrifty Cash for purchases at campus dining locations (using Thrifty Cash saves 8.025% tax) they must enroll in a dining plan. Thrifty Cash rolls over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester, provided that the student remains enrolled in a dining plan. Thrifty Cash does not roll over from the Spring semester to the following Fall semester.
The U Pick meal equivalency program allows students more freedom and flexibility with the dining plan. The U Pick meal equivalency program allows students to use a U Pick meal swipe for selected items* at participating campus retail dining locations at a value of up to $10. Any value after $10 can be applied using Thrifty Cash or Marist Money on the Grubhub app. For walk-up service, any value after $10 can be applied using Thrifty Cash, Marist Money, credit/debit or cash.

*Exclusions apply and are subject to change.
All dining plans offer U Pick meal equivalency. See dining plan descriptions for more details.
U Pick meal equivalency is available at any campus retail dining location except food trucks and café pop-ups.
  • Frankie's Spot
  • Donnelly Café
  • Steel Plant Garden Café
  • McCann Café
  • Library Brew
  • Hancock Brew (Grubhub pickup)
  • Marketplace (Grubhub delivery)
  • North End Dining (Grubhub pickup and walk-up)
  • Café 51
Thrifty Cash is used to purchase your favorite ice cream and snacks from our retail locations. Click here to learn more
Grocery, personal care, bulk, and frozen food items, ice cream are excluded from the U Pick meal equivalency program. Exclusions are subject to change.

Under the U Pick meal equivalency program, we encourage students to maximize their U Pick meal swipe value by applying it to purchases that reach the $10 U Pick meal equivalency value. If the value of the intended total purchase is significantly less than the U Pick value, we encourage students to use the tax-free Thrifty Cash portion of their dining plan.

The Anytime Dining Plans (7 Day and 5 Day) are the most flexible Anytime Dining Plans offered to date. Under these plans, enrolled students have access to one (1) U Pick daily which does not rollover. A U Pick is defined as a meal swipe with a meal equivalent value of up to $10 and can be used at campus retail dining locations (excluding food trucks and pop-ups). The value cannot not be rolled over to the next day or exchanged for Thrifty Cash. Students enrolled in the Anytime Plans will receive a new U Pick each day with a meal equivalent value of $10.
Students are permitted to take one (1) piece of whole fruit from the Murray Student Center Dining Hall. We encourage students to maximize the value of their dining plan by enjoying the all-you-can-eat offerings at the variety of stations while dining inside the Dining Hall. For to-go options, students are encouraged to take advantage of the U Pick meal equivalency program in which they can enjoy entrees on-the-go from campus retail dining locations.

Thrifty Cash is the dollar amount associated with each dining plan which can be used at all retail locations on campus for more on-the-go eating. Purchases made using Thrifty Cash are tax exempt. 

Yes. You may add to your balance at any time if you are on a dining plan. Students may add dollars to their Thrifty Cash at any time by visiting the My Meal Plan on the Housing & Residential Life page in their MyMarist account. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services to transfer money into a Thrifty Cash account at (845) 575-3230 or

Dining plan meal and Thrifty Cash balances can be viewed on MyMarist. Once logged in, click on the boxes in the top right corner and select 'Marist Money'.

Yes. Your Thrifty Cash carries over from fall to spring semester, provided that you remain on a dining plan. Thrifty Cash does not carry over to the following Fall semester.

No. Your meal swipes do not carry over from semester to semester. We encourage students to use their meal swipes at the Dining Hall or at campus retail dining location under the U Pick program.

Yes. We accommodate all Marist College students. Marist Dining Services is comprised of qualified, trained individuals who are prepared to accommodate a wide array of diets; Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, medically supervised diets, and those with food born allergies. Please see the Nutrition page for full details about our program. 

Simple Servings is the 8-Food-Allergens-Free hot lunch and dinner station served at the Dining Hall flat top grill. It is managed by Marist Dining Services employees. 
All foods offered at the Simple Servings station are free of milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten. 
With Simple Servings, students can comply with food allergy or other dietary concerns without feeling singled out. They won’t have to go off campus for their meals or miss out on dining with their friends while waiting for the chef to specially prepare their meals. Straightforward preparation techniques assure transparency of ingredients, and help the student prepare to be responsible for their own shopping and cooking in future. 
The hot lunch and dinner menu change daily and include varied protein options: beef, pork, chicken and turkey. All side dishes are vegan, containing no milk, eggs, or meat products.

The MyZone Pantry is the contained refrigerator and shelf space where food items needed by students with celiac disease or nut allergies can be stored with precautions against cross-contact. The MyZone Pantry will always be free of gluten-contained ingredients and products, as well as tree nut and peanut products. 

The MyZone Pantry can include specially-prepared meals or pre-packaged items. Please note that the MyZone Pantry only guarantees the storage or pre-packaged items that are free of gluten, tree nuts and peanuts. It does not guarantee storage of pre-packaged items that are free from milk, eggs, wheat, soy and shellfish. 

The MyZone Pantry can be a "fall back" area when none of the offerings in the Dining Hall stations are appropriate for the student's dietary restrictions. 

With the MyZone Pantry:
Students maintain control over managing their own allergy when foods are pre-packaged because they are only the ones handling them. Students can work closely with Marist Dining managers and chefs to negotiate which products are stocked. 

Meals are available for any students who feels sick or is injured. More details on our sick/injured meal policy can be found on the Nutrition page.

Students who have Marist Money but not a dining plan are able to access dining locations via walk up service or using the Grubhub app at designated Grubhub locations.
Lite Fare is available between the lunch and dinner periods from 2:30pm to 4:30pm daily. A variety of Lite Fare options include Grill, Pizza, Deli, Soup, Salad, Bakery, Snacks, Fruit, and Beverages. NOTE - Homestyle, Vegetarian and Simple Servings stations are closed during this time while our Culinary team prepares for the dinner entrees beginning at 4:30pm. Students who prefer Homestyle, Vegetarian and Simple Servings are encouraged to visit the Dining Hall prior to 2:30pm or after 4:30pm. In addition, students may enjoy campus retail dining offerings during this time under the U Pick meal equivalency program.
Information about the Grubhub app can be found on the Mobile Ordering page on our website.

Phone: (845) 575-5100 /E-Mail/Fax: (845) 575-5120

Sodexo Campus Services. Sodexo is the leading provider of Food and Facilities management in North America, and has continuously operated Marist College Dining Services since 1978. To learn more about Sodexo Campus Services please visit Sodexo USA.