Grubhub is the nation's leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace. Students can use the Grubhub Campus Dining app to order from their favorite on-campus cafes and eateries — and can even pay using their campus cards and dining plans.

View the campus dining delivery map here.

Students are required to authenticate using multi-factor DUO before using the campus Grubhub app. This step must be taken prior to accessing the campus Grubhub app. The enrollment process is documented in the step by step guide here. This will need to be completed from on or off campus before you can access Marist services such as VPN, iLearn, myMail, and MyMarist. In order to begin the enrollment process, you must have the DUO app downloaded on your smart phone. 
Download Grubhub and create a new account (or sign in if you already have Grubhub downloaded). To add your campus, select the Settings (gear icon) at the top right on your Account page. In your Settings, click on Campus Dining. Select your campus and your school affiliation. Add campus card or go directly to the list of on campus cafes and eateries.
TO DOWNLOAD: International students with a foreign phone number can download the Grubhub app using the following resources as guides:
TO USE THE APP: The Grubhub app only accepts USA based phone numbers, as Grubhub is not set up to text/communicate internationally. However, as a suggestion, GOOGLE VOICE is a free telephone service that allows users based in the US to sign up for a web-based US phone number. For more information about Google Voice, visit

Toggle between ordering on-campus take-out or delivery pickup. Once you’ve placed your on-campus order for take-out, the app will notify you when your food is ready. If ordering take-out, you can pick up your food at the Grubhub pickup sign at the dining location you selected. If ordering delivery pickup, the delivery pickup will be made to the main lobby entrance of traditional residence buildings. For on-campus apartment complex locations, for example Foy Townhouses, the delivery pickup will be made to a designated common location within that resident apartment complex. You will be notified when the order is out for delivery pickup and when it has arrived at the designated delivery pickup location. 

IMPORTANT: Students must list their address on the Grubhub app as 3399 North Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

A student can order food items for takeout from the following locations: Dining Hall, North End Dining, Donnelly Café, the Cabaret, and Hancock Brew.
No. Reservations are no longer required for dine-in service.
Here is what a meal swipe includes in the Dining Hall for pre-order takeout or dine-in:
  • For breakfast, students have the option of selecting from our breakfast Homestyle station (for example, pancakes, scrambled eggs, breakfast protein, breakfast potatoes) or one egg sandwich to-go. In addition, students can select one grab and go snack item and one breakfast pastry. In addition, students will also be able to select a bowl of cereal, a carton of milk and two pieces of seasonal whole fruit. Students may also select a cold bottled beverage and a served hot beverage, such as coffee or tea. Click here to view an example.
  • For lunch and dinner, students will have the option of selecting a meal from our Homestyle station or our 8-Allergen-Free Simple Servings station which includes a protein, starch, and vegetable. Vegetarian and pasta options are also offered at the Homestyle station. In addition, students will be able to select an entrée from the Grill (such as a burger or grilled chicken sandwich), Deli or Pizza. Students can also select one dessert item from our in-house bakery, two grab and go snack items, two seasonal whole fruit and a scratch-made vegetarian soup or a freshly made pre-packaged salad. Students may also select a cold bottled beverage and a served hot beverage, such as coffee or tea. Click here to view an example.
No, takeout meals via the GrubHub app may NOT be eaten in the Dining Hall. Grubhub takeout meals are only to be picked up by the student who immediately exits the Dining Hall. A student may choose to eat their meal at the outdoor dining tent (located adjacent to the Dining Hall), outdoors, the Cabaret, or other locations across campus.
Lite Fare, available at the Dining Hall only through the Grubhub app for pre-order takeout, is available between the lunch and dinner from 3:00pm to 4:00pm daily. A variety of Lite Fare options include Grill, Pizza, Deli, Soup, Salad, Bakery, Snacks, Fruit, Beverages and selected Breakfast items. NOTE - Homestyle and Simple Servings stations are closed during this time while our Culinary team refreshes the evening's dinner entree's beginning at 4:00pm. Students who prefer Homestyle and Simple Servings are encouraged to visit the Dining Hall prior to 3:00pm or after 4:00pm. In addition, students may enjoy campus retail dining offerings during this time under the new U Pick meal equivalency program. NOTE - Dining Hall dine-in seating and grab & go service is closed for cleaning and sanitizing from 3:00pm-4:00pm daily.
Delivery pickup locations to traditional residence buildings are to the main lobby entrance only. For on-campus apartment complex locations, for example Foy Townhouses, will be to a designated common location within that resident apartment complex. NOTE: Grubhub delivery pickup service is not available for students residing at Conklin Hall and off campus locations.
Click here for a delivery pickup map.
Delivery Pickup locations are as follows:
  • Zone 1: South End residence areas – Leo, Sheahan, Champagnat, Marian and Midrise: delivery made for all of these residences to either the main public lobby or front of building nearby to the Entry Officer desk
  • Zone 2: Foy, Lower New Townhouses, Upper New Townhouses: delivery made for all of these townhouse residences to the common laundry room located between Foy and Upper New Townhouses (inside)
  • Zone 3: North End residence areas – Ward, O’Shea, Lavelle and McCormack Halls: delivery made for all of these residences to the common entry area inside of Ward Hall
  • Zone 4: Lower Fulton Townhouses and Lower West Cedar Townhouses - delivery made for all of these townhouse residences under the archway at Lower Fulton (outside)
  • Zone 5: Upper West Cedar and Upper Fulton Townhouses - delivery made for all of these townhouse residences to the exterior patio area outside of the West Cedar Fitness Room (under the overhang)
Due to health and safety regulations according to CDC and NYS guidelines, we can no longer offer all-you-can-eat buffet style service. As a reminder, students are encouraged to select all their food choices, including second helpings, for a hearty and fulfilling meal at initial entry to the Dining Hall.
At the Murray Student Center Dining Hall, students can use a meal swipe to purchase a meal on the Grubhub app unless they are opting to order from the DiningHall2Go à la carte selection. 
If selecting from the DiningHall2Go selection, students may use Thrifty Cash, Marist Money, credit, and debit cards.
At campus retail dining locations including North End Dining, Cabaret, Donnelly Café, Marketplace, Steel Plant Garden Café, and Hancock Brew, students may use U Pick meal equivalency, plus Thrifty Cash and Marist Money for U Pick rollover transactions. Students may not use credit/debit for U Pick rollover transactions. 

Students may use credit/debit to make their entire purchase (no U Pick) at campus retail dining locations on the Grubhub app.  
The following are possible solutions to fix this error. If none of the following solutions fix the error, please text keyword MARISTEATS to 82257. 
  • Make sure that the Grubhub app is updated to the latest version.
  • If you are trying to use U Pick, please check that you are toggled to the U Pick menu. When selecting a desired dining location, make sure you select “U Pick”, not “Marist Money/Thrifty Cash/Credit”.
  • Try removing your Marist ID card and re-adding it as a payment method to your account. 
  • Make sure you select the right payment method between “U Pick + Marist Money” or “U Pick + Thrifty Cash”. If you try to pay with a method in which you do not have a balance, the app will not let the transaction proceed. 
  • If you’re still not able to use U Pick, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if you are trying to use a second U Pick meal swipe within the same set time period. 
The Grubhub app does not display dining plan meal swipe balances. Students can view their dining plan balances by visiting their account > scroll down to “Quick Links” > click “Marist Money, Thrifty Cash, Meal Balance”.
Delivery pickup is the term used to describe a delivery method to a centralized pickup location within a specific zone at a designated location on campus. This method of delivery is used to meet the logistical needs of serving a large student population in a timely fashion.
DiningHall2Go pickup and delivery is a dining à la carte service from the Dining Hall. Dining Hall2Go offers à la carte items, sides, fruits, baked goods, and beverages for purchase using Thrifty Cash, Marist Money, debit, and credit on the Grubhub app. U Pick meal swipes are not accepted. To view the menu, visit Murray Student Center Dining Hall > DiningHall2Go in the Grubhub app. 
  • Pickup: offered during regular dining hall operating hours. 
  • Delivery: offered to Zone 1 only from 4:00pm-8:00pm daily. 
Grocery2Go is a new grocery offering from Cabaret and North End Dining. Students can purchase grocery, personal care, frozen and bulk items using Thrifty Cash, Marist Money, credit, and debit via the Grubhub app. Note: items offered may differ at each location. To view items offered, visit these dining locations on the Marist Dining Grubhub app. U Pick is not applicable.
On-campus delivery pickup is available via Grubhub from Marketplace, Cabaret, North End Dining and Murray Student Center Dining Hall. The Cabaret offers on campus delivery pickup to Zones 1-5 between 5:00-10:00pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Marketplace offers on campus delivery pickup service to Zones 1-5 from 5:00-10:00pm daily (no walk-up service). North End Dining offers delivery pickup to Zones 1-3 Monday-Friday 4:00pm-9:00pm. The Murray Student Center Dining Hall offers delivery pickup from the DiningHall2Go à la carte menu to Zone 1 only from 4:00pm-8:00pm daily.
Grubhub pickup deliveries are made by Marist Dining Services employees.
The Grubhub app will provide real-time updates about your order and inform you when your order is ready to be picked up.
It is recommended that students place their order near the time they would like to pick it up. Students are unable to order takeout or delivery pickup in advance for a set time (For example, 11:00am the next day). The app will be updated with accurate wait times so students will know how long it will take for their order to be prepared.
Yes, the Grubhub app is FREE for Marist students to use for on-campus take-out and delivery pickup. There is no fee associated with using the app at campus dining locations.
If you have an issue with your order, please ask to speak with the supervisor of the dining location or text keyword MaristEats to 82257. If you have an issue with Grubhub app, please click here. If you require further assistance, please contact Dining Services here.