Plan Options


With all the worries of going to college, the last thing you need to do is plan your next meal. Marist Dining Services provides a variety of dining plans offering flexibility and value to meet your needs. These plans are also available for graduate students. If you have a question about a dining plan, contact Office of Housing and Residential Life at or call 845-575-3307 or Dining Services at (845) 575-5100.

Enhanced services and innovative changes to the dining services for the Fall 2020 semester:

  • Introduction of take-out capability via Grubhub at the following locations: Murray Student Center Dining Hall, Donnelly Café, the Cabaret, North End Dining and Hancock Brew. This new service allows students to order their meals ahead of time for convenience and safety. Students can use their dining plan meal swipes at the Dining Hall and North End Dining (Pick 3). In addition, Thrifty Cash, Marist Money, credit and debit card can be used to place a Grubhub take-out order at the above locations. 
  • On-campus retail menu delivery pickup is available via Grubhub from the Marketplace and Cabaret for Chick N Bap and Simply to Go menus. This free service, offers convenience at no extra charge, providing students convenience of not having to walk to campus retail locations. Only Thrifty Cash, Marist Money, credit, and debit can be used for Grubhub app delivery pickup service. No Pick 3 Meal Swaps can be used. 
    • The Cabaret will offer Chick N Bap and Simply to Go menus for delivery pickup from 5:00pm-10:00pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
    • Marketplace will offer only delivery pickup service from 5:00pm-10:00pm daily. No walk-up service will be available at this location.

In these challenging times, we continue our commitment to bring quality service to the campus community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marist Dining Services General Manager Colene Doughty at

The combination of value, choice, and variety make any one of these plans a great option for dining on campus. Meal swipes on each flex dining plan can be used to eat in the Dining Hall, for a Grubhub pre-ordered take out meal through the Dining Hall or for a pre-packaged meal only at the North End Dining location (Pick 3).

A dining plan can be modified by visiting the MyHousing page on and clicking MyMeal Plan. Dining plan changes are made online and can take up to two business days to process. Any meal swipes remaining in an account on any Dining Plan do not transfer from the fall to spring semester. Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Office of Housing & Residential Life by calling (845) 575-3307 or via email at

205 Plan
205 Meals Plus $550 Thrifty Cash
Required for resident freshman & available to all other students. 

120 Plan
120 Meals Plus $550 Thrifty Cash
Available to all students except first year students.

90 Plan
90 Meals Plus $550 Thrifty Cash
Available to all students except first year students and Midrise residents.

60 Plan
60 Meals Plus $350 Thrifty Cash
Available to all students except first year students and Midrise residents.

40 Plan
40 Meals Plus $275 Thrifty Cash
Available to all students except first year students and Midrise residents.

20 Plan
20 Meals + $225 Thrifty Cash
Available to any student except first year students and Midrise residents. A sophomore student residing in an apartment or townhouse with a kitchen must participate, at minimum, in the 20 Dining Plan.

Marist Faculty / Staff dining plans will not be offered for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Thrifty Cash is a dollar amount associated with each dining plan that can be used in any campus dining facility (retail or residential). Purchases made using Thrifty Cash are tax exempt. Funds remaining in a Thrifty Cash account transfer from the fall semester to the spring semester only, provided that the student remains enrolled in a dining plan for the spring semester. 

To add money to your Thrifty Cash account online: 
Visit the MyHousing page on account to add funds in $25 increments, with a maximum addition of $100 per transaction. In order to request Thrifty Cash, please ensure that you have a credit on your student account, resulting from excess financial aid or recent payment. Without a credit on your student account, Student Financial Services will be unable to process your request. Funds can be added to a student account through the electronic billing portal by making a one-time payment to the student's tuition account. Please allow one business day for the transaction to be processed.