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How to Get a Meal When You're Sick

A "to go" meal is available for any student on a meal plan who is experiencing flu-like symptoms. If none of your friends are available to pick up the meal for you, you should contact your RA for help.

Students can request either a “brat” diet meal (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, ginger ale, etc.), or a liquids and soft foods meal (soup, jello, yogurt, bread, juice, Gatorade, etc.).

Here are the steps to arrange for a "to go" meal when sick...

  • Give your friend your meal swipe card (Marist ID), indicate what meal you want (brat, or liquids/soft foods), and tell him/her to go to the north cashier station of the dining hall (closest to the Cabaret). The friend should tell the cashier that he/she wants to sign up for a sick tray meal.
  • The cashier will ask for your friend’s Marist ID as well as your meal swipe card (Marist ID)—both are required. The cashier will log your friend’s name and ID, your name and ID, and will then swipe your meal card and return the card to your friend.
  • Your friend will now be provided with either of the two meals described above, packed in to-go containers, along with a bag to carry them back to your room.

If you have any questions, please call Dining Services at (845) 575-5100 or email

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