Marist Dining Services is committed to providing multiple dining opportunities offering diverse menus that feature traditional favorites, ethnic dishes and international cuisines, with an emphasis on obtaining local and regional products. Through sustainable practices and educational programs, we provide opportunities for social interaction and awareness for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my Dining Plan options?

Freshmen are automatically assigned to the all you care to eat Anytime Dining plan plus $75 Thrifty Cash. All freshmen are required to be on the Anytime Dining plan, along with sophomores who are living in Mid-Rise. All other sophomore students living in campus housing are required to participate, at a minimum, in the Apartment 15 Meal Plan plus $200 Thrifty Cash. All other upperclassmen may choose from the Anytime Dining plan or any of the four flex dining plans.

What are the Dining Hall hours of operation and meal prices?

Dining Hall hours of operations and meal prices can be found by clicking here. 

How do I make changes to my dining plan?

A dining plan change/withdrawal form is available on our website prior to the beginning of each semester, allowing students to make any updates to their current dining plan. Any change to a dining plan must be completed no later than the second Friday of each semester by close of business. All dining plans are processed through the Office of Housing & Residential Life and questions should be directed to their office, by calling (845) 575-3307 or emailing

Can I take food items upon exiting the Dining Hall?

Our all you can eat, dine-in facility encourages patrons to enjoy their meals within the Dining Hall. Meal Swaps can be used with a swipe to take a pre-packaged meal of a sandwich, chips, apple, beverage and cookie from the designated cooler. Otherwise, the only food permitted to leave the Dining Hall is a single piece of hand fruit per person.

What is Thrifty Cash?

Thrifty Cash is the dollar amount associated with each dining plan which can be used at all cafes on campus for more on-the-go eating.

May I add on to my Thrifty Cash balance?

Yes. You may add to your balance at any time if you are on a dining plan. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services to transfer money into a Thrifty Cash account (Phone: (845) 575-3230 or Email: One of the many advantages of Thrifty Cash is that all purchases are tax free.

How can I check the remaining balance of my dining plan meals or Thrifty Cash?

Dining plan meal and Thrifty Cash balances can be viewed on MyMarist. Once logged in, click on the boxes in the top right corner and select 'Marist Money'.

Does my Thrifty Cash carry over from semester to semester?

Yes. Your Thrifty Cash carries over from fall to spring term, provided that you remain on a dining plan. Thrifty Cash does not carry over to the next school year.

What is the Meal Swap/Guest Meal Option?

The Anytime Dining plan includes 5 swipes that can be used as a Meal Swap for a prepared takeout meal from the Dining Hallor to swipe in a friend or family member. Students on any of the flex dining plans can use as many of their swipes as they want for Meal Swaps or guest meals.

Is there a discount if my friend or family member pays cash at the Dining Hall?

Yes. The guests of any Marist student who displays a valid ID receive preferred pricing for their meals. 

Can I use my Thrifty Cash to pay for a guest at the Dining Hall?


Do you have a program for students with medically diagnosed food allergies or medically prescribed special diets?

Yes. We accommodate all students who choose to attend Marist College. We are prepared to work with students who have any of the eight major food allergies, as well as students that require any other type of special diet because of a documented medical condition. We also serve a broad range of dishes at every meal, in order to accommodate vegans, vegetarians and any other students who are pursuing a personal diet regime. Please see the My Zone page for full details about our program.

How do I get meals when I am sick?

Sick meals are available for any students experiencing flu-like symptoms. More details on our sick meal policy can be found here.

How do I contact Dining Services?

Phone: (845) 575-5100  / E-Mail: /  Fax: (845) 575-5120

Which company manages the Marist Dining Program?

Sodexo Campus Services. Sodexo is the leading provider of Food and Facilities management in North America, and has continuously operated Marist College Dining Services since 1978. To learn more about Sodexo Campus Services please visit Sodexo

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