Today's hours:

The Murray Student Center Dining Hall has been redesigned and continues to provide a range of menu choices. The following is what students can expect from their Dining Hall in the Fall 2020 semester:
  • Dining Hall access is open to Marist students only.
  • Cuisine will include pizza made from scratch dough, burgers, chicken sandwiches, vegan veggie burgers, pasta, soups, 8 allergen-free Simple Servings station, pre-made sandwiches with Boars Head deli meats and more!
  • Buffet-style self-serve stations will be eliminated. For example, Salad Bar, Beverages, Pizza and Desserts. These options will be served by a staff member or pre-packaged. 
  • New this year, a meal swipe can be used for a take-out meal from the Dining Hall using the Grubhub app, thus allowing a student to pick-up a meal quickly and then eat either in the outdoor dining tent located by the campus garden, other open rooms in the Student Center or Cabaret, outdoors (weather permitting) or back in their residence room.  
  • The Grubhub app to order a take-out a meal from the Dining Hall, utilizing a meal swipe from their plan, allows a student the option to pick–up their meal before the facility closes at 8:00 pm. The student can place their meal in their room refrigerator to eat later that evening. This option accommodates a student who has prior evening commitments. 
  • The facility will be closed to dine-in service for cleaning and sanitizing 10:30am-11:30am and 3:00pm-4:00pm daily. Grubhub take-out orders can still be placed using the app and picked up during these times.
  • A take-out meal may not be eaten in the Dining Hall as seating space in the Dining Hall is reserved only for those students who are going through the servery lines and dining in. 
  • There will be designated one-way traffic pathways for students who wish to dine in the dining hall and for students who wish to pick up their Grubhub take-out order. Dining staff will be able to assist students who need further guidance. 
  • All dining service employees follow all food safety and health best practices and wear personal protective equipment. All equipment, tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized frequently.
What is the Lite Fare meal period in the Murray Student Center Dining Hall?
Lite Fare, available at the Dining Hall only through the Grubhub app for pre-order takeout, is available between the lunch and dinner meals from 2:30pm 4:30pm daily in which a variety of lite fare options include grill, pizza, deli, soup, salad, bakery, snacks, fruit, beverages and selected breakfast items. NOTE - Homestyle and Simple Servings stations are closed during this time to allow dining services staff to freshly prepare dinner options for these stations beginning at 4:30pm. Students who desire options not included in the Lite Fare meal period are encouraged to visit the Dining Hall prior to 2:30pm or after 4:30pm. In addition, students may enjoy North End Dining offerings during this time, such as Rossi’s deli, quesadillas, pastas, salads, wok specials and more under the Pick 3 Meal Swap Program. 
For information regarding special dietary needs, students are encouraged to contact the Dining Services Administrative Office at 845-575-5112.