Meet the Team

Your dining team is made up of people who are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

General Management


Residential Dining

  • Jonathan Dorin

    Jonathan Dorin

    Resident Dining & Catering Director

  • Jason Livelsberger

    Jason Livelsberger

    Food Service Manager



  • Kate Cole

    Kate Cole

    Field Marketing Specialist

  • Celeste Gigliotti

    Celeste Gigliotti

    Marketing Intern

  • Steven Ciravolo

    Steven Ciravolo

    Marketing Intern

  • Andrew Mark

    Andrew Mark

    Marketing Intern

  • Emma Kittay

    Emma Kittay

    Marketing Intern

  • Marleah Dentes

    Marleah Dentes

    Marketing Intern